A Quick Guide for Cracking Technical Interviews: πŸ“’

Keeping this as your end goal might work, but, this alone won’t get you the job.

You need to focus on both the categories, equally:

1. Technical Strategies: πŸ–₯️

– Understand the concepts, don’t mug them.

– Know the application of concepts and counter questions.

– It’s better to know about different programming languages but master any one out of them. High possibility, you’ll be asked for your preference.

2. Bonus Strategies: πŸ“

– Seek clarification on the problem put forward by asking relevant questions, wherever necessary.

– Practice your codes on the same tool or app as you’ll be doing in your interview – more important now when you have virtual interviews. Work on your time management, understanding the problem put forward, solution building, coding speed etc. Set a timer while you practice.

– Proactively communicate at all times during the interview – about the problem, about your approach, about the solution. You should be able to explain what you’re doing. This can’t be left out.

– Make wise use of your time. Break-up the time for brainstorming, writing the code, communicating your solution, testing etc smartly and within the first 5 mins of your interview when you’re trying to comprehend the problem.

– Accept that errors are normal. Take a step back, rework and don’t stress in such situations. If possible, talk it out with the interviewer, communicate where you are stuck.

– If you don’t know something, politely acknowledge it. Just be open to learning new concepts and accepting what you don’t know.

Good Luck!✌🏻

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