Https Response code:

HTTP Status Codes Cheat Sheet

It is important to know about HTTP status code and will help developers to write better API.

HTTP supports status codes ranging from 100 to 500:

1XX — informational codes

2XX — successful codes 🙂 — we can call them happy codes.

3XX — redirection codes

4XX — client error codes 😛 — end-user screwed up.

5XX — server error codes 😅 — server screwed up!

1XX is uncommon to the users and is mostly used to communicate between systems.

Below are some of the commonly used status codes. You can use this as a cheat sheet to refer to.

200 — OK

201 — Created

202 — Accepted

400 — Bad request

401 — Unauthorized

403 — Forbidden

404 — Not found: this is a famous one

405 — Method not allowed

500 — Internal Server Error

502 — Bad Gateway

503 — Service Unavailable

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